At NutriGold, we don't do any of the amazing things we do to make a splash, to prove those people who said "it couldn't be done" wrong (although, that's certainly a bonus), to be controversial, to differentiate our brand, or to justify charging a "premium" price for our products like others do. We do what we do because our company is defined by integrity, and that means doing the right thing even if nobody's going to know whether we did it or not. Click here to read more


Documented evidence shows the detrimental impact of GMOs, which do not occur in nature, on human health and the environment. At NutriGold, we consider ensuring product safety while protecting our ecological resources our fundamental professional, ethical, and moral obligation to our valued customers, which is why we work hard to minimize, if not completely eliminate, GMOs from our supply-chain.

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At NutriGold, we believe that consumers should never be placed in the unenviable position of having to choose between quality and affordability. So, from supplier qualification to manufacturing processes, from truth in labeling to label claims verification, our standards and practices reflect our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products without the premium price tag.

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At NutriGold, we do whatever it takes to ensure that our products are manufactured, when possible, without the use of potentially harmful additives, because we do not believe in sacrificing consumer safety for manufacturing expediency. This is why we not only choose natural, plant-based, hypoallergenic additives when required, but we also list them accurately on the label so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions.

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Most companies provide a laundry list of reasons why you shouldn't care about Magnesium Stearate, but keep in mind that the top concern for most of these companies is to sell products, not protect your health. At NutriGold, we pride ourselves on always putting people ahead of profits, which is why we use our creative super powers to identify food-sourced alternatives that accomplish the same manufacturing goals without compromising product integrity or safety.

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At NutriGold we recognize that ingredients in supplements—like those in foods—can produce unintended reactions if they are derived from high-risk allergenic foods or get cross-contaminated with high-allergen ingredients during manufacturing. This is why, even though neither the FDA nor cGMPs require it, we test every lot of our raw materials and finished products to ensure that they are verified free of allergens.

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At NutriGold our decision to partner with an independent, third-party lab is motivated by our commitment to eliminating bias and conflicts of interest along the entire supply chain. Because independent testing labs are not affiliated with the raw material supplier, the manufacturer, the consumer, or the company whose name appears on the product, there is no commercial bias present, and consumers can have greater confidence in the overall quality of the product.

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