Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ (Clinically-proven, Multi-patented, Solvent-free Super CitriMax® Garcinia Extract)

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Product Description

About Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit indigenous to South Asia. For thousands of years, people have consumed this ingredient and their ability to maintain a healthy weight was noticed by the scientific community. Researchers have since discovered that this fruit can supplement a healthy lifestyle and diet for those who hope to shed extra weight. The active ingredient in Garcinia, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), is known for its ability to promote a "feeling of fullness", inhibit fat production, increase fat burning, and, subsequently, support weight loss, all without stimulating the central nervous system. Not surprisingly, Garcinia cambogia has become very popular for its weight-loss and fat reducing benefits.

Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

When taken as directed, in conjunction with a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, a sensible exercise program, and lifestyle changes, Garcinia cambogia can:

  • Help manage appetite and reduce risk of overeating*
  • Help reduce calorie intake*
  • Help inhibit fat production*
  • Help manage body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)*
  • Support healthy lipid levels*
  • Support healthy serotonin levels*

Guidelines for choosing the right Garcinia supplement

As with any product that is "hyped" up in the popular media, there is considerable misinformation about Garcinia and what to look for when purchasing a Garcinia product from the hundreds of options available. To add to the confusion, hundreds of scam companies selling counterfeit products mushroomed overnight to cater to the demand for the product; these companies are notorious for creating scam websites with hundreds, if not thousands, of fake testimonials and reviews.

Here are some things to look for when purchasing a Garcinia supplement:

  • The product should say that it contains the clinically-proven, patented Super CitriMax® Garcinia extract - this is the ONLY extract that has been proven in pre-clinical and clinical studies to support appetite control, support satiety, inhibit fat production, increase fat burning, increase serotonin levels, and increase weight-loss when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and moderate exercise program. ALL other Garcinia products either don't even contain Garcinia or contain ineffective forms of Garcinia that are present at less than 15% to 25% of what is claimed on the label.
  • The HCA from Super CitriMax® is the only HCA that has an approved weight-loss claim based on extensive clinical evidence - no other Garcinia extract can make this claim.
  • The product should contain at least 60% of Hydroxycitric Acid (or HCA) - a lot of companies will claim that their product contains 60% of HCA, but not all of them are legitimate claims. If you are considering purchasing a product from a company, always ask them to send their product Certificate of Analysis or a third-party lab report showing that the product contains what it claims to contain.
  • The product should contain Calcium and Potassium as Hydroxycitrate from Super CitriMax®  and it should be listed as such on the label. Super CitriMax® Garcinia extract is the only extract that has the beneficial HCA chelated or bound to Calcium and Potassium for enhanced solubility, bioavailability and absorption - NO OTHER Garcinia extract can make this claim because this particular form of HCA bound to Potassium and Calcium is protected by several patents and cannot be used by other companies.
  • Because no other company can use Super CitriMax®'s patented formula featuring Calcium and Potassium, they resort to propagating myths about how Calcium is undesirable and consumers should not be taking Garcinia products with Calcium in them - this is a MYTH that has no basis in science or in reality.
  • As a general rule, do NOT use Amazon or Google to research weight-loss supplements. The reason for this is that these platforms have made it all too easy for scam companies to sell counterfeit products to unsuspecting customers with little or no accountability.
  • Always contact the manufacturer directly with your questions and concerns, request third-party documentation in support of claims they are making about their product, or contact health-food stores or supplement retailers who carry a wide range of products, including weight-loss supplements.
  • Stay away from companies that make only 1 product (e.g. Garcinia) or only weight-loss products (e.g. Garcinia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones) because you can bet your bottom dollar that these companies cropped up overnight just to capitalize on the demand for weight-loss supplements that were featured on popular TV shows. Over 90% of these scam companies exist only on Amazon and you will not be able to find their products anywhere else online or in retail stores, which should immediately raise a red flag.
  • If a weight-loss product has stellar reviews, use caution when purchasing those products because the vast majority, if not all of them, are either fake reviews written by the seller to boost sales of the product or incentivized reviews by people who write fake reviews in exchange for money or free products. Individual experiences and benefits with any supplement vary considerably from individual to individual and it is extremely unlikely, if not downright impossible, for one product, especially one for weight-loss, to work SO well for such a large group of individuals.
  • Bottom Line: If the product appears too good to be true, it probably is.

The Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ Advantage

  • Formulated using clinically-proven, multi-patented, Super CitriMax® Garcinia cambogia extract
  • Super CitrMax®  is an all natural, safe and effective extract standardized to contain 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
  • Super CitrMax®  is the ONLY clinically proven Garcinia extract that is manufactured under strict laboratory control procedures to ensure optimum potency, purity and effectiveness.
  • Super CitrMax®  has been determined GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by a group of independent leading toxicologists
  • Features HCA bound to Potassium/Calcium salts in a patented ratio for enhanced solubility and absorption
  • Safe, natural, non-stimulant approach to appetite management
  • Manufactured without the use of GMOs, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, preservatives, Stearates, Sulfates, Laurates, and Dioxides
  • Verified free of allergens by an independent, third-party lab
  • Verified free of GMOs by the Non-GMO Project™ Product Verification Program
  • Available in three capsule potencies as well as a Ready-To-Mix Powder
  • Manufactured to stringent cGMP standards in the USA

  • Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ Key Health Benefits: Supports appetite management, fat-reduction, and healthy weight-loss*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Garcinia Cambogia?
Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit indigenous to South Asia. For thousands of years, people have consumed this ingredient and their ability to maintain a healthy weight was noticed by the scientific community. Researchers have since discovered that this fruit can supplement a healthy lifestyle and diet for those who hope to shed extra weight.

What is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™?
The active ingredient in Garcinia is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which is known for its ability to promote a "feeling of fullness", inhibit fat production, increase fat burning, and, subsequently, support weight loss, all without stimulating the central nervous system. Not surprisingly, Garcinia cambogia has become very popular for its ability to support weight-loss and reduce body fat.

What is the recommended dosage of Garcinia Cambogia?
Because Garcinia's effects are highly dose-dependent and individual experiences and results can and do vary, we recommend starting at the satiety dosage of 1,500 mg a day and slowly increasing it to 3000 mg - 6000 mg a day if desired benefits are not achieved at the satiety dosage. Some individuals experience benefits at 3000 mg a day and others need as much as 6000 mg a day to see comparable results - because the reasons for weight gain are complex and multidimensional, and individuals vary considerably in terms of weight-loss goals, diet, health status, and lifestyle factors, a one-size-fits-all approach to Garcinia dosing recommendations is typically not very useful. It takes time and a little bit of experimentation to find the dosage between 3000 mg and 6000 mg a day that works best with your body type and weight-loss regimen.

Don't be fooled by products labeled as Garcinia cambogia extract standardized for (—)-Hydroxycitric Acid, which label only the amount of Garcinia, and not the amount of active (—)-Hydroxycitric Acid. These products typically contain ineffective levels of HCA and not the patented calcium/potassium form of HCA (Super CitriMax®).

What does “clinical strength” mean?
Clinical strength refers to the HCA potency, bioavailability and dosage used in the Super CitriMax® human clinical weight-loss study. HCA has been sold as a safe, all-natural diet ingredient for years with mixed results. The reason isn’t really a mystery—all HCA products are not created equal. They vary according to potency, bioavailability and dosage, each of which is critical to effectiveness. Taken together, the 60% HCA potency, superior bioavailability and clinically tested doses used in the Super CitriMax® clinical weight-loss study has resulted in a new generation diet product like no other product.

Does Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ contain anything other than the active ingredient?
In addition to the active ingredient, each vegetarian capsule of Garcinia Cambogia Gold™ contains a small amount of non-GMO, natural gluten-free rice flour. Because natural extracts can vary from batch to batch in terms of consistency, moisture (or stickiness) and particle size, it is sometimes necessary to add rice flour during the manufacturing process to help ensure product integrity without compromising product safety or effectiveness.

Is Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ free of allergens and GMOs?
Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ is verified free of egg, gluten, milk, peanut, shellfish and soy by an independent, third-party lab. It is also verified free of GMOs by the Non-GMO Project™.

Is Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ suitable for Vegans / Vegetarians?
Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is, therefore, suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

How long do I have to take Garcinia Cambogia before I see any benefits?
Unlike OTC and prescription drugs that provide instant, temporary symptomatic relief without addressing the underlying problem responsible for poor health, herbal supplements provide progressive, long-term benefits by helping the body correct the underlying problem. While there are certain classes of herbs that work well in acute conditions to provide quick relief; herbs like Garcinia need to be taken for at least 6 to 8 weeks before the full range of benefits can be realized. Garcinia is best when taken as part of a health-maintenance program, which includes a sensible diet and moderate exercise regimen.

Is Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ suitable for individuals with a medical condition?
Individuals with a known or suspected medical condition should always talk to a licensed medical professional before beginning any form of supplementation. It is never advisable to self-diagnose or self-treat a medical condition.

Does Garcinia Cambogia have any side effects or interactions?
Garcinia does not have any known side effects. However, it is always recommended to consult your healthcare provider before taking any nutritional supplements, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently taking any OTC or prescription medications for a health condition.

Is Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ safe for long-term use?
Yes. Garcinia Cambogia GOLD™ features Super CitriMax®, a proprietary, clinically validated, standardized extract of Garcinia that is safe when used as recommended because it is completely natural and does not contain any stimulants.